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Explorations in eating, food preparation, a healthy environment, photography, video and art, travel, the cultures that emerge from such things, and my attempt to blend them all together.

A virtual look at films and television programs that (directly or indirectly) present content in creative opposition to the divisive messages of certain political governing entities in the USA.

A virtual trip through the explorations of a Gringa with travel, food, photography, and the delicious underbelly of life in Brazil.

An American gal's interactive exploration into the cultural food heritage of Brazil as seen through the recipes, rituals, and food stories of Brazilians living in the US today.

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NARRATIVE SCREENPLAYS (Produced as Films) - Mother of The Golds (2017), Stuntfighter (2015), Guardian Angel (2014)

FICTION - Those Dark, Rippling Waves (2023) London Writer's Salon, Writing in Community: An Anthology of the Third Year 2023

FAN FICTION - The Vampire Gabrielle (2023) Archive of Our Own


DOCUMENTARY SCRIPTS (Produced as Films) - NexusHaus (2016), You Say Texas; I Say Barbecue (2013), Boba Guys (2012), Saudade: Food as Home (2012), Melancholy Appetite (2011)

CREATIVE NON-FICTION - The Fantasy of My Truth (2022) London Writer's Salon, Writing in Community: An Anthology of the Second Year 2022

JOURNALISM - The Big Pandemic That Changed the Little Dom’s (2020) Another Round Another Rally, The Man Who Cried COVID-19, And Was Telling the Truth (2020) Another Round Another Rally, Bay Area Artist: Jennie Yim (2011) Caliber Magazine, Fermentation Is Your Friend (2011) Caliber Magazine

ACADEMIC BLOGS - Center For Digital Archaeology (CoDA)


LITERATURE - Anne Rice, The Vampire Chronicles (series)

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